Bespoke Wedding Album

So you have made it! Your wedding day is now a beautiful memory, you’ve put all the hard work into decorating your venue, wrote wonderful vows to each other, laughed so hard at your dads and best man speeches and danced the whole night. A few weeks later you have received your online gallery … What’s next?

Of course, you want to view your wedding images with every possible occasion but viewing them on small screens just don’t do the justice? Printing individual images usually get messy as its difficult to keep them in order and often require a keepsake box to store them. What about a hand-crafted, bespoke wedding album – created by your photographer with images chosen by you!

“I’m So In Love With It, It’s More Perfect Than I Imagined It Would Be”


Fine Art Albums

My albums are made with matte finish paper and will appeal to everyone who appreciates the subtle beauty of fine art printing. Because it is s matt finish paper it means it will reflect ZERO light meaning you can enjoy your photographs to the fullest!

All albums come with a beautiful presentation box and linen pouch to keep your album in a secure from dust and light. It is also recommended to wear the included cotton glows while browsing through your album.


I offer those gorgeous albums with 20 double pages as a standard to make sure we can fit about 70 photographs of your special day. Don’t worry if there are more images that you would like to include in your creation. Those albums can hold up to 60 double pages. Once you receive your online album design, you can then decide if you would like to add more pages or change the layout of the images.


Cover Material

There are enough cover choices to make everyone happy. Currently, I offer the albums in:
– Natural Linen
– Premium Pastels
– Genuine Leather
– Silk
Surely you would want to see how do they look like in real life. I aim to bring my sample albums and cover types to our pre-wedding consultation. This way you can take a peek at my work as well as admire the beauty of art.


Cover Title

Personalised just for you! Let everyone know this album is about you and your partner. With current technology, I am able to offer you two kinds of this service.
Emboss your names on a front page with an easy to read font. Available as transparent, white and gold. Best recommended for leather covers but not limited to.
The overprint is special foil is bonded with the linen. Similar to embossing but it doesn’t dent the cover and is flat. Available in gold, silver, white, black. Can only be used on natural linen and premium pastels.



As standard your album will come as 10x10inch with 20 double pages with natural linen or premium pastel cover, presentation box in raw linen fabric wrapped in organic tape and linen pouch, care card and cotton gloves.

From £450

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